How can I improve balance and movement in boxing or Muay Thai?


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There’s no magic pill that makes you more balanced and have better movement across the board in either Muay Thai or boxing. Instead we have to think about balance and movement in individual techniques. The good news is that some techniques are used much more often than others. In fact even the most seasoned fighters only throw a handful of techniques with a high amount of frequency and just change the order and timing to find different openings. In Muay Thai your key weapons will be jab, cross, left hook, right round kick, and left round kick. Practice the form and the technique with each one of these techniques separately instead of always working combinations. If you have proper instruction on the form and you train with seriousness then your balance will improve greatly in a short amount of time. Practice your basic footwork steps as well: forward, backward, lateral, and pivot step. These basic steps and basic techniques will have your general movement and balance be sharp. From there you’ll have that foundation you need to learn the more advanced techniques out there. I have a fundamentals course that covers all of these things on so feel free to check it out here.