Learn 3 Proven KO Knee Strikes

Make them fear your Thai clinch

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I can’t say enough good things about training under Chike. He has an uncanny ability to explain even the most intricate of techniques to almost anyone and have them fully grasp what it is they are supposed to do and how to get it done. He directs your training in a way that you can’t help but develop a solid foundation to see you through any aspect of Muay Thai. Robel Kebede

I used to train with a Muay Thai instructor who kept telling me about how good Chike was at teaching and practicing Muay Thai. When my instructor moved I joined Chike and won my first fight and then my second. Like Bruce Lee’s Dad, I will be bringing my boys to train under Chike as I have not found a more well rounded trainer to date. From exercising to utilizing technique he gives his students the perfect way. Alim Bolton

I have trained with Chike for about 4 years. Throughout that time he has consistently kept me challenged both physically and mentally while learning Muay Thai. As I progressed in my knowledge of the sport Chike made the lessons more and more technical, which made me a better athlete. I think Chike is a great teacher and can be extremely helpful to beginners and experts wanting to improve their Muay Thai. Mock Abdelaal