Can one take up Krav Maga and Muay Thai simultaneously?


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To answer this we have to get a good understanding of what Krav Maga is. I mentioned this before in another video, but I’ll quickly go over it again. Krav Maga is an Isreali hand to hand combat system. The American equivalent is Combatives and the Russian equivalent is Systema. These kinds of systems are completely different from other Martial Arts and combat sports because of their purpose. Military martial arts like Krav Maga are designed to get you to a base level of proficiency as quickly as possible. For this reason many Muay Thai striking techniques exist in almost all military hand to hand combat systems, but the moves are modified to make them easier to understand so that soldiers with limited time to get combat ready can get to a level where they can perform them instinctually much faster. For this reason it is actually counterproductive to learn both Muay Thai and Krav Maga simultaneously since the Krav Maga movements borrowed from Muay Thai will be less correct. Krav Maga does however have other elements such as disarming attackers and arresting locks so if that is of interest then learning it after getting a base level of proficiency in true Muay Thai is certainly a good option.