How do you knock a bigger person out in just one punch?


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A knockout is a result of a severe concussion and a concussion is just a result of hard blow to the head. The brain floats within the skull suspended in fluid and concussions are caused when the head moves at such a violent rate that it forces the brain to crash into the side of the skull. There are two factors that determine how effective you are at causing this to happen: 1.) punch placement 2.) punch technique. As far as punch placement goes: The head moves very easily when using the chin to turn it. A strong punch landed right on the chin has the ability to move the head more violently with less force thus causing the knockout effect. For this reason punches (even straight ones) that attack the chin at a slight angle tend to generate more knockouts. Moreover if the punch is properly set up and not telegraphed it will be hard to see meaning your opponent won’t effectively be able to brace his neck and the head will move more violently to produce a knockout. Setups, punching speed, and power are all things that get enhanced by technique and unfortunately I can’t go over too much on punch technique without getting into specific punches and being able to demonstrate them so I can’t do it in this video, but I have several videos on showing various punching techniques in tons of detail.