Which has superior hand striking – Muay Thai or Boxing ?


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Remember Muay Thai is not just a martial art, but a fight sport too. That means that the nature of competition is such that fighters will adopt what works and throw away what doesn’t. That being said, nowadays the actual punches in Muay Thai and boxing are completely identical (with the exception of a few punches like spinning backfists and superman punches that aren’t legal in Western Boxing.) When we ask which “sport” has superior punching the answer is neither since the technique of the punches in each are identical for the most part. If we ask which “athletes” have the better punches then on average boxers have the edge because that is literally the only type of strike they throw and we all know that repetition is what gets us closer and closer to perfection. The thing to remember here though is that actually throwing a strike is the lowest level of understanding. The more intricate things like defense, footwork and counterattacks are where the real skill is and are what separates the way hands are used in both arts. One of the best elements of western boxing is the emphasis on defensive head movement and counters based off of that movement. There are a lot of ways defensive head movement in Western boxing have to be changed though in order to not be open for the knee or head kick in Muay Thai. Also pure boxing footwork cannot be used in Muay Thai rules because it leaves you susceptible to low kicks.