How much weight should I be able to lose in 2 months doing Muay Thai and boxing 5 days a week?


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There are more variables involved than simply how many days you’re training and how long you plan to do it. How many hours of training you’re doing a day, what exactly you’re doing during your sessions, what you’re starting bodyfat percentage is, and how hard you’re pushing yourself are all variables on the exercise side that play a huge part. One of the biggest variables though is what are you changing on the diet side? Whether you get bigger, smaller or stay the same is really just a matter of calories in vs calories out. If you’re operating at a calorie deficit (i.e., you’re consistently burning more calories than you’re consuming) then you’ll lose weight. If you’re doing this and the calories that you are consuming are derived from good sources (and a sufficient amount of protein) then you’ll be losing mostly fat. Again you have to look at all these variables when constructing a plan that can maximize results and framing your expectations, but just to give you some kind of idea I did several 30 day body transformation challenges with my students and several of them lost anywhere from 10-15 lbs. Full disclosure: the ones that lost the most weight were not always the ones that won the body transformation challenge since this kind of training actually helped many of my students gain muscle at the same time that they lost fat. For this reason I tracked progress with body measurements using measuring tape in addition to weight, and I highly recommend that for you as well.