AskChike Membership FAQ

Why was AskChike Membership Created?

I wanted ONE place that I own 100% to place all of my top tips and techniques inside then focus all of my energy on developing students into success stories.


Being a great fighter and being a great instructor are two different things. How can I be sure you’re a great instructor?

Watch some free instructional vids today and see for yourself how much detail I put into breaking down every concept in order to get you to the next level.


Will I become an amazing fighter in a very fast time without any effort?

No. You will have to put in hours of hard work even with the right strategy probably for many years. I can help you with great information but you will get the results you deserve. Nobody can magically transfer skills into you unless you put in the work and energy required.


How do I cancel my membership?

You can stop access anytime you like. Just log into the members area, click on the “account” link on the menu bar, and select “cancel” on your account page.  (I make cancelling super easy because I know that if I’m doing my job, you won’t want to.)


Can I order then ask for a refund straight after I download all the goodies?

There are refunds on some courses and special offers, but not on the monthly membership.  Unless there is a refund policy stated on the item you’re buying there are no refunds. Within minutes of ordering you will be able to download years worth of my effort and knowledge. There is no unlearning what you receive from my site once you have seen in. Getting into the membership area puts you on the faster track to results. Besides that I know you will be happy with the coaching and community aspect of Ask Chike.  In my experience people who achieve success are the ones willing to commit to the path.
P.S – If you are still not sure if you should join, contact me here and tell me your biggest reason why you are unsure. I will see if the membership is right for you.

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