How do I perform a proper switch kick in muay thai?


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I actually go over this in a huge amount of detail on in addition to tons of other techniques, setups, and strategies. There’s a lot of detail involved in the kick so without demonstrating it and really breaking it down there’s only so much I can convey, but I will go over a few key details. The two biggest things people do wrong with switch kicks is (1) thinking about switching the whole fighting stance and turning their entire body 180 degrees before kicking and (2) switching the legs back only and keeping the entire rest of the body facing the same direction as before. The biggest thing to remember is that all kicks have the bulk of their power generated with the hips. For this reason when you switch what needs to be focused on is switching the hips back. The upper body stays essentially where it was as the legs and hips switch sides. There should be a bit of tensions felt in the waist in the moments before the kick and after the switch. It’s the release of this tension (like releasing the string on a bow and arrow) that will whip your hips around and through the target for devastating power. For a full video instructional on the switch kick and more check out